The worst customers
are no customers

Worried no one will notice your product launch?

Run a prelaunch campaign to gain buzz before launching your company.

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So how does the Prelauncher work?

It’s an email capture with a built-in reward system. When someone signs up, they are encouraged to share with their friends to earn rewards. The more people they can get sign-up with their custom share link, the more rewards they will get. The more they earn rewards, the more people can market your business to when your launch your company.

Prelauncher - Screenshots

What do you get with Prelauncher?

Reward system
Reward system that motivates

subscribers to share

Easily update design
Easily update app design

with no design skills

Social sharing
Social sharing to help gain

even more exposure

Intuitive administration interface
Intuitive admin, so you won’t

need a developer on staff

Setup for tracking
Setup tracking and ad pixels

to keep tabs on your traffic

Open-source application
Open-source, so you can do

whatever you want

Everything it can do

  • Customize all images, colors, backgrounds and text
  • Email verification process to ensure you have valid emails
  • Setup tracking with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager
  • Dashboard to keep track of progress
  • Export all subscribers to CSV file
  • Mobile responsive front-end
  • Schedule start and end date
  • Built-in Facebook & Twitter sharing
  • Create and manage multiple admins
  • Built on Codeigniter Framework

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Get it now, get it free

Prelauncher is now a free open-source application with the single goal helping more startups get going faster. Click the link below, provide a valid email and the application will be sent to your inbox.

Free Download

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Get help setting up Prelauncher

Don’t have time for that DIY lifestyle. Don’t worry, we’ll install it on the host / server you provide us for only $100 USD. Once installed you will be able to customize the app via the admin to your pleasing.

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Note: Design / admin work is additional.

“The Prelauncher was set up quickly and with attention to detail. We showed up in a bind after trying to code a similar campaign and hitting too many delays. Prelauncher got us up and running quickly without too many detailed instructions.”

David Mark Brown
David Mark

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